Bad Company


Anthony Hopkins as Gaylord Oakes
Chris Rock as Jake Hayes / Kevin Pope
Gabriel Macht
Garcelle Beauvais
Adoni Maropis as Jarma
John Aylward
John Slattery
Brooke Smith
Lanette Ware as Pam
Kerry Washington

Special Features:
“In Bad Company” – A Behind The Scenes Feature With Cast Interviews

Other Info:
English and French Languages
Widescreen (2.35:1) – Enhanced For 16×9 Televisions
Running Time: 117 Mins.
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
DTS 5.1 Digital Surround
THX Certified
Captions Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles

The CIA is on the track of a Russian nuclear bomb that has been put on the black market. Leading a team trying to track it down is Gaylord Oakes. His agent, Kevin Pope, has posed as a representative of a buyer and is close to sealing a deal to get the bomb. However, a terrorist group that is a rival buyer kills Kevin in an attempt to eliminate the competition. Without him, the seller is likely to bolt and Oakes will lose the bomb.

Fortunately, Kevin has an identical twin that he was separated at birth from – Jake Hayes. Loud mouthed, uncultured, and kind of shady, Jake is the exact opposite of Kevin in personality. It’s up to Oakes and the CIA to make him a passable copy of Kevin in 9 days in order to get the bomb. But the terrorists, not knowing that Kevin is dead, continue to try and kill his replacement in order to ensure they will win the bomb.

“Bad Company” is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violent action, some sensuality and language.

The Movie:
I originally reviewed this film upon its theatrical release. You can read my thoughts on the movie itself here.”Bad Company” is your typical Jerry Bruckheimer action film. It’s full of action, humor, and lots of explosions. But while it’s entertaining, it’s not particularly memorable. The cast is first rate, but there’s very little chemistry between them, especially odd couple Hopkins and Rock. If you want a popcorn flick, though, it’s good enough.

The sound on the DVD is decent. Nothing sets it apart from other DVDs, but it has the full THX, DTS, Dolby Digital treatment.

The Extras:
The extras on this DVD are practically non-existent. All you get is a 12-minute behind the scenes featurette that consists mainly of the cast praising each other and the director. There’s a little bit about Chris Rock’s improvisation on the set and the exotic location of Prague, but beyond that there’s not much here to offer. The menus are slick in a spy-style computer graphic, but otherwise nothing special.

The Bottom Line:
This is probably more of a renter DVD than one you’ll want to rush out and buy a copy of. It’s a decent enough popcorn flick for some mindless entertainment on a boring night.