Vantage Point Takes First on DVD Charts


Vantage Point coasted to an easy victory on all three home video charts during the week ending July 6. The Sony release even beat a pair of high-profile comedies to clinch the No. 1 spot on the Nielsen VideoScan sales chart.

Vantage Point, with a box office gross of $72.3 million, also was the week’s No. 1 renter and Blu-ray Disc seller in its first week in stores.

On the DVD sales front, the latest Tyler Perry comedy “Meet the Browns” ($42 million at the box office) came in at No. 2, while another comedy, Drillbit Taylor ($32.9 million), debuted at No. 5. It trailed 10,000 BC and The Spiderwick Chronicles, the two top sellers the previous week.

On Home Media Magazine’s rental chart, “Drillbit” debuted at No. 2, and “Meet the Browns” at No. 6.

Vantage Point also replaced 10,000 BC as the top Blu-ray seller of the week, with “Drillbit” debuting at No. 6 and “Browns” at No. 8.