Best Episodes of Being Human UK


Best Episodes of Being Human UK

Best Episodes of Being Human UK

Being Human UK is a supernatural show that really blurs the lines between humans and monsters. While not every episode has been a hit, the show as a whole is adored by horror fans. Here are 10 episodes that absolutely stand out as the best.

Flotsam and Jetsam

There is something special about the first episode of the show. It deftly sets up the premise and introduces the audience to the characters perfectly. Tone-wise, it’s not much different from future episodes of the show — something that can’t be said for pilots of most successful programs.

War Child

Annie gets the most satisfying goodbye of the series in this episode. Sure, it felt a little rushed at the time, and it left viewers without the last of the original trio, but it was fitting. This was a good end to the original core of the show, even if it was a bit sad.

All God’s Children

It’s a rare show that’s willing to burn everything down, but Being Human UK did it with aplomb. Annie’s taken to Purgatory and the boys finally have to abandon Bristol. It’s a huge leap, and one that didn’t have a great conclusion, but it was incredibly satisfying at the time.

Where the Wild Things Are

Owen finally turns into the monster everyone knew him to be. It’s a brilliantly scary bit of writing and one of the few real chills that the show gives viewers. Furthermore, it’s one of the few times when the human is the real monster — something the show often goes out of its way to avoid.

Making History

This is one of the better episodes of the much-maligned fourth series. Future Eve wasn’t a story arc that everyone loved, but it worked in this episode. Making History also provides a wonderful view into Hal’s past, which is quite appreciated.

Being Human UK Best Episodes

Cure and Contagion

In this more “human” episode, George and Nina finally have the big talk, and it’s often hard to remember that they’re discussing lycanthropy. Hands down, it’s the most realistic TV discussion about disease transmission between partners, even if the disease in question turns one into a werewolf.

Wolf Shaped Bullet

For many fans of the show, this is where it all came to a head. Everything is going along to its suitably apocalyptic end before taking a hard left. The episode is at once thrilling and heartbreaking.


Box Tunnel 20 — it’s the inciting incident that leads to the ultimate downfall of Mitchell and arguably the point of no return for the entire series. This massacre is shocking in its brutality, even given what comes before. This episode simply can’t be missed.

Bad Moon Rising

The final episode of Series 1 is also the best installment of Being Human UK. Herrick’s speech is one of the most memorable parts of the episode, but everything really comes down to George. An absolutely bonkers finale that more than deserves to be on the top of any list.