A Guide to Kyle Chandler Movies and TV Shows


A Guide to Kyle Chandler Movies and TV Shows

A Guide to Kyle Chandler Movies and TV Shows

Kyle Chandler is one of the most universally likable actors out there. Acclaimed director J.J. Abrams described Chandler as having a likable familiarity and an “everyman” quality. There might just be something about him, but it doesn’t hurt that Chandler has played a number of very likable characters as well.

TV Shows Starring Chandler

Chandler is, at heart, a television actor. He’s been part of a few long-running programs that are both critically acclaimed and widely loved by audiences.

Early Edition (1996-2000)

In this show from the late 1990s, Chandler played a man who was mysteriously given an “early edition” of the newspaper. He knew what was going to happen before it happened, forcing him into a “regular guy as superhero” role as he dashed around the city to prevent accidents and disasters. It’s a quirky show with heart, and Chandler makes the ridiculous concept work.

Grey’s Anatomy (2006-2007)

Chandler was only in this popular medical drama for a short period in a guest role arc, but it earned him an Emmy nomination. He played a bomb squad tech in a very intense situation. You don’t need to watch the whole series, but those episodes are worth watching for Chandler’s performance alone.

Friday Night Lights (2006-2011)

This is the show most closely associated with Chandler. The actor was born to play the role of Coach Eric Taylor, a family man and the coach of a Texas high school football team. Fans of the show tend to be passionate about it, and Coach Taylor is universally beloved by those who watch.

Bloodline (2015-2017)

This Netflix original series was a unique departure for Chandler. In some ways, he plays a familiar character, a regular guy who is basically good. Then life intervenes, and he’s forced into some dark territory. Bloodline is gritty and lets Chandler show off more of his acting chops.

Kyle Chandler

Movies Starring Chandler

Chandler is a leading man on television, but in movies, he tends to play more of a supporting role. He’s been in several films, including some very successful ones.

In the 2011 hit science-fiction thriller Super 8, Kyle Chandler uses his everyman quality in his role as a deputy and father.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) sees Chandler play the kind of character he does best. He plays the straight-laced, good guy FBI agent investigating Leonard DiCaprio’s character. One of the best scenes in the movie features Chandler on a boat with DiCaprio, where the actor improvised to great effect.

In 2012’s Zero Dark Thirty, Chandler plays the role of the Islamabad CIA station chief who is part of the operation to take out Osama bin Laden.

Other films Kyle Chandler stars in include Carol (2015), King Kong (2005), and the Academy Award-winning Manchester by the Sea (2016).