Why was Mad Dogs Cancelled?


Why was Mad Dogs Cancelled

Why was Mad Dogs Cancelled?

Mad Dogs was one of Amazon’s most beloved series when it premiered in 2016. Many fans assumed that this success practically guaranteed a second season. However, it has been revealed that there won’t be any more adventures in this series. What happened to this show and why was the second season canceled so abruptly? Is there any hope for a return?

Why This Show Ruled

For those who have never heard of it, Mad Dogs is a remake of a British series created exclusively for Amazon Prime. The show is an exploration of crime and police corruption, a tense psychological thriller that pulls fans through an endless series of exciting events. When it premiered, fans were stoked by the show’s gritty portrayals of crime and middle-age struggles.

Starring veteran actors like Ben Chaplin, Steve Zahn, Romany Malco, and Michael Imperioli, the show has received praise for its talented cast and amazing direction. It’s also acclaimed for having an incredible soundtrack, a brisk pace, and surprisingly violent and dramatic moments. Sadly, unlike the British version, it isn’t coming back for another go.

Shawn Ryan’s Tweets

The executive producer of the show, Shawn Ryan, sent out 19 tweets explaining the decision not to do a second season of Mad Dogs. While we won’t delve too deeply into each of them, he said that Amazon and the production team behind the show had different ideas on what would be an appropriate story for season 2.

As a result, they couldn’t come to a mutual understanding on where to take the show. Rather than back down and accept what Ryan considered a watered-down story, the producers decided to end it while they still believed in the story. According to Ryan, this played into their original plan for the show. Despite the incredible reviews and enormous popularity, he simply didn’t want to ruin the show by taking it in an inappropriate direction.

Is This True?

Most media outlets reporting on Mad Dogs Season 2 are giving the same story as the one reported by Ryan. It appears that the show was initially considered a closed 10-episode series that was more akin to a miniseries than an ongoing show. However, they pitched the show to Amazon with the potential to expand it to more seasons if necessary.

While fans are undoubtedly sad to see the show go, they should be happy that their favorite series didn’t end up getting tamed. Many shows are continued past their prime and end up losing their loyal viewership base. Enjoy the episodes you have and binge on them every chance you get!