The Weekend Warrior’s Top 11 Movies of the Summer


That’s it. Summer is pretty much over and depending on where you stand, it seemed like a pretty good one to me with a lot of new franchises launched and a couple sequels that ended up being better than anyone expected.

In the gallery below, you can find out which 11 movies I thought excelled this summer and a couple of comments.

I will include the caveat that I only included movies that received a wide release, which is the only reason why I didn’t include Steve James’ Roger Ebert doc Life Itself or Mike Myers’ doc Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon (And before anyone asks, I didn’t see all of How to Train Your Dragon 2 due to extenuating circumstances, so I can’t include that either.)

(Also, I want to add while these are my favorite movies of the summer, the order may change a little by the end of the year for any of them that make it into my annual Top 25.)

That’s it for my picks for the summer as we look forward to the start of the fall festival and awards seasons, but check back soon for the Weekend Warrior’s official summer box office wrap-up.