The Oscar Warrior: Oscars 2013 – Where Are We At?


It’s that time of year again–or rather, it’s quite a bit later than that time of year again–but the Oscar Warrior is hellbent on continuing to cover this year’s Oscar race even if I’m not going as crazy with the posts as the full-time Oscar bloggers tend to do. The Golden Globes have announced their nominations, as have the Screen Actors Guild and Broadcast Film Critics, a number of critics groups and the National Board of Review have announced their top movies and performances of the year, and we can slowly start weeding out the frontrunners from the also-rans with a few potential surprises possible when Oscar nominations are announced the morning of January 16, 2014.

I’m going to do this a little differently and take this update on a movie-by-movie basis and I’m going to go through them in alphabetical order. I’ve picked 19 movies that I still think are very much in the mix when it comes to possible Oscar nominations and sometime in January I’ll post a list of my final predictions, although they’re also archived on GoldDerby if you don’t feel like waiting that long.

I might have a couple more Oscar updates going into the New Year and if anything surprising happens with the Oscar nominations on January 16, 2014, I’ll probably be writing something about that as well.