Lodge 49 Episode 3 Promo and Sneak Peek


Check out these two sneak peeks at the third episode of Lodge 49

AMC has released a new promo and sneak peek for the third episode of their new dramedy series Lodge 49, which airs Mondays after Better Call Saul.

Lodge 49 follows Dud (Wyatt Russell), a man who suffered an incident which made it impossible to enjoy his favorite pastime. Dud drifted among life before finding a fraternal lodge. One that offers both cheap beer and philosophies.

The first clip finds Liz (Sonya Cassidy) asking Dud if he was molested in a dungeon, to which he replies “Yep, and then we had pizza,” while knocking back a beer or two on his couch.

The second clip gives us some insight into how Dud became a member of the mysterious order known as Lodge 49. It starts with Dud struggling to remember his oath while his face is covered in some kind of ceremonial headdress, much to the chagrin of the four lodge members he’s surrounded by.

After some setbacks, including a leaky roof, Dud remembers the words, and is officially a member of Lodge 49.

Will Dud find happiness as a member of Lodge 49? What kind of pizza did they have? We won’t find out until the third episode of Lodge 49, entitled Corpus, airs Monday night on AMC.