Supernatural 13.20 ‘Unfinished Business’ Promo


Supernatural 13.20 'Unfinished Business' Promo

Supernatural 13.20 ‘Unfinished Business’ promo

The CW has released the new promo for next week’s Supernatural Episode 13.20, titled “Unfinished Business,” and directed by Richard Speight, Jr. (Gabriel). With only four episodes remaining this season, the stakes are only getting higher for the Winchester brothers as Sam and Dean continue their mission to save their mother and Jack from the Apocalypse World. Watch the new Supernatural promo now in the player below!

Last night’s episode jumped right into the action with Rowena (Ruth Connell) getting a phone call from Sam, Dean, and Castiel asking the witch for her help finding the archangel Gabriel so they can get back to the Apocalypse World to save Mary and Jack. After she refuses, Castiel goes on a one-man mission to Heaven, seeking assistance from the angels. What Castiel finds instead is Naomi (Amanda Tapping) thought to be dead after Metatron killed her in season eight.

Turns out, she needs Castiel’s help finding Gabriel, too. The “lights” in Heaven keep flickering, meaning that due to a severe lack of surviving angels — who apparently power up the place — the remaining handful of angels left have to stay in Heaven to keep it running. If Gabriel were to return, though, an archangel could definitely help. After a long discussion, Castiel returns to earth, realizing he now needs to find Gabriel not just to help Mary and Jack, but to ask him to return to home as Naomi closes the gates of Heaven behind her.

While Castiel catches up with the angels (and it’s important to note that Lucifer was not seen nor did Naomi inform Castiel that Lucifer is now in charge), Sam and Dean discovered that Rowena has been killing people, and, as Jessica the Reaper — Death’s very own Winchester baby monitor — explains, causing them to die before their assigned times. Once the person is dead and their reaper shows up to take them away, the newly juiced up Rowena kills them. Rowena is trying to get Death’s attention, and it works, since killing people outside of their timeline affects fate and eventually, this messes with the universe. The result? Death might have to hit the reset button, aka a “mass kill-off” in order to wipe the board clean.

We learned at the beginning of the season after Dean meets the new Death, aka Billie (Lisa Berry), that everyone has their own death notebooks that basically detail the various ways a person is destined to die based on their choices. Jessica informs the boys, however, that Rowena’s end, no matter the choices she makes, always is the same: Sam kills her. Once the Winchesters catch up with Rowena, they inform her of the same news, and after attempting to escape, she challenges Sam to shoot her to stop her. Sam hesitates, clearly not wanting to have to kill the witch. He promised Dean before, though, that if Rowena “broke bad” he would take care of it.

Rowena stops the bullet as Sam pulls the trigger and kidnaps him, supposedly planning on killing him but being as visibly upset about it as Sam was when he thought he had to kill her. Rowena wants Death’s attention because she wants her to bring her son Crowley back. She feels guilty that her son suffered the way he did — particularly as a human before he was killed and became a demon — as a result of her actions in the past. Billie does show up and refuses to bring back Crowley, while also calling Rowena on her bluff knowing that the witch was never planning on killing Sam. That’s not who she is anymore. After Dean charges in to save Sam and receives an ominous “See you soon” from Billie before she disappears once more, the Winchesters and Rowena have a heart-to-heart. Sam seems determined to alter Rowena’s fate that he is meant to be the one to kill her, and Rowena agrees to help the Winchesters find Gabriel, supposedly seeking redemption for what she’s done.

Will Sam and Rowena be able to change her fate since neither one of them want Sam to have to kill her? Will Rowena be able to help the Winchesters find Gabriel? And, why was Lucifer missing in Heaven while Castiel was there and why didn’t Naomi tell him about the new boss? There was definitely a mysterious undertone to the entire encounter, and fans are already throwing around a couple theories about Naomi’s true identity and motivations and what that will mean for our heroes.

Supernatural 13.20 “Unfinished Business” will air on April 26 and is officially described as follows:

“Gabriel (guest star Richard Speight, Jr.) is back and drags Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) into his plot for revenge on the demigods who sold him to Asmodeus. Meanwhile, Jack’s (Alexander Calvert) inflating confidence leads to reckless decisions that could put others in harm’s way. Richard Speight, Jr. directed the episode written by Meredith Glynn.”  

Supernatural follows brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester. The thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers continues in Supernatural‘s 13th season. Sam and Dean have spent their lives on the road, battling supernatural threats that include everything from the demon that killed their mother to the usual vampires, ghosts, shape-shifters, angels and fallen gods rampaging over the land. They’ve come out on top with the help of allies, both human and supernatural, but every victory comes at a price.

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