Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Recap


Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Recap

Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 premiere recap

The Season 4 premiere of AMC‘s Fear the Walking Dead finally crossed over Morgan Jones (Lennie James) into the world of Fear after the events of “All Out War” in The Walking Dead. He wasn’t the only Walking Dead character to make an appearance in the crossover, however. Find out more in The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere recap below, and be sure to watch the promo for next week’s Episode 4.02, titled “Another Day in the Diamond,” as well as a sneak peek in the players below!

In last night’s The Walking Dead Season 8 finale, Morgan’s story ended with him inviting Jadis, on behalf of Rick, back to the community but choosing to stay in her old home in the junkyard. Morgan may have told Jadis that she needed to be with people, but he has chosen to live in solitude after beginning to lose himself the way he did when his son died. He doesn’t remain alone for long, however, as three familiar faces make surprise appearances in the episode, all determined to bring Morgan “home.”

First, Jesus (Tom Payne) appears, reminding Morgan that he fights to protect people because he cares about people and Morgan “should be with them,” essentially asking him to come to the Hilltop. We see Morgan not responding, which is similar to when Carol (Melissa McBride) appears, urging Morgan to come back to the Kingdom wanting to help the man who once helped her when she sought solitude and nearly lost herself, too.

The biggest and arguably best surprise was Rick Grimes himself (Andrew Lincoln) showing up at Morgan’s door. It was a nice call-back to the pilot when Morgan first met Rick and saved him, where it all started. Rick reminds Morgan of this, saying: “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. I was hurt. You brought me in. you didn’t have to.” Rick tells Morgan that he’s hurt and wants him to come back to Alexandria with him because Morgan is “part of the world.” Morgan finally responds, telling Rick he’s not the same man and Rick replies, “You’ll end up with people one way or the other. You’re connected. you can hide, but you can’t run.”

After a tough decision, Morgan does just that. He runs, he walks, he drives, and he runs some more until he finds himself in Texas and meeting one of the new Fear the Walking Dead characters, John (Garret Dillahunt), who has been living in silence for the past year because he hasn’t had anyone to talk to after he and his lover — who carries an identical white-handle pistol — were separated. John is excited about having a companion, but Morgan is still only interested in being alone and takes off in the middle of the night after sticking around for a short time.

While traveling, Morgan comes across an empty tent and is suddenly knocked out. He wakes up to a group of men, led by a man named Leeland, with guns and John shows up to save his new friend. However, John is quickly flanked and the two find themselves at the mercy of Leeland’s crew. Morgan and John are saved by new character Al (Maggie Grace) or Althea, who shows up in a SWAT truck armed with two automatic guns. She is interested in the two “new people,” and after driving away with Morgan and John tells them that in return for saving their lives, she wants them to tell her their stories.

We learn that Al is a journalist and performs on-camera interviews with survivors. John agrees, discussing his love, Laura, that he’s trying to find. He says that the story of how they were separated is a sad one, but doesn’t offer details. Morgan, instead of sharing his story, leaves behind a couple cans of food and once again leaves, but not before John catches up with him to give him a fresh pair of socks.

Suddenly, Morgan, Al, and John find themselves once again confronted by Leeland’s crew, who followed the truck hoping to gain control of it and to seek some revenge. An intense fight and gun battle ensues that results in Morgan getting shot in the leg and Leeland’s crew meeting gruesome ends. Once the trio has escaped, not only the now dead armed men but the walkers threatening to chow down on them, the three hit the road together.

While on the road, John notices a banner with the number 51 painted on it, and Al explains that she noticed them popping up around the area in the past few weeks but the meaning remains a mystery. After bonding with John and Al, Morgan decides to reveal parts of his story, mentioning his journey from Atlanta to Virginia, the Alexandria and Kingdom communities, and the battle with Negan. He talks about how the communities have good people, and Al becomes curious as to why he left them, then.

Morgan becomes slightly agitated when Al begins to ask too many personal questions and decides to ask her instead why she is so determined to document survivors. Al responds that this isn’t about her and that Morgan still owes her. Morgan chooses to venture out on his own once more. Before he does, Al asks, “Why did you leave Virginia?” and Morgan simply says: “I lose people, and then I lose myself.”

Earlier in the episode, we saw Morgan come across a man in a car and after leaving John and Al, he comes across the same vehicle, only it’s now empty. Morgan spots a familiar-looking face walking but is soon attacked by a couple of other walkers. Morgan is saved by John as Al’s truck waits in the background, and before taking off with them once again Morgan sees that the familiar walker is, in fact, the man he met in the car earlier, having died of hypothermia and, essentially, being alone.

Back in the truck, John tells Morgan that Al is going to help him find Laura and is hopeful he will be able to reunite with his lover. The trio suddenly spot a body stumbling in the middle of the road. After divulging that he doesn’t kill anymore if he doesn’t have to, Morgan and the others stop the vehicle to investigate. We quickly see that it’s Alicia, and just as Al goes to help her up, Alicia draws a blade against her throat. Nick, Victor, and Luciana emerge from the grass with guns. The new faces of Fear the Walking Dead have finally met some of the original characters, bringing the episode to a close and leaving us with more than a few questions.

Arguably the biggest question is what happened to the group after the season three finale and why did they attack Morgan, John, and Al? There has obviously been a time-jump, and the season will inevitably reveal what the characters have been through since last season’s explosive events, including how they all reunited and any horrors they have faced.

Share your thoughts on the season premiere, including your theories on what happened to the group between the finale and now, how much time has passed, and how the rest of the season will play out. Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4.02 will air next Sunday on April 22.