Atlanta Season 2 Trailer Shows Robbin’ Season in Full Swing


Atlanta Season 2 Trailer Shows Robbin' Season in Full Swing

Atlanta Season 2 trailer shows Robbin’ Season in full swing

The tension in the city is rising as everyone tries to move on up in the trailer for the second season of Atlanta. Watch the official Atlanta Season 2 trailer in the player below to get in the mood for Robbin’ Season!

Called Robbin’ Season for that time in Georgia’s capital when the crime rate goes up, season two of the critically-acclaimed comedy-drama FX series focuses on Earn, Alfred AKA Paper Boi, Darius and Van trying to make moves in the city filled with hustlers and opportunists.

Atlanta tells the story of two cousins trying to find their way to the top of the local rap scene, all the while dealing with the many real and absurd troubles black folk face in the city. The series was created by Donald Glover. Glover also stars in the lead role as Earnest “Earn” Marks, a Princeton dropout who now manages his cousin’s burgeoning rap career. He also serves as a writer, director and executive producer of the show.

The FX original is a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy award-winning show, with Donald Glover receiving accolades for acting and directing.

Atlanta Robbin’ Season premieres on Thursday, March 1, 2018 on FX.

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