WGN America Picks Up 100 Code, Shoot the Messenger and Pure


WGN American picks up 100 Code, Shoot the Messenger and Pure to series

WGN American picks up 100 Code, Shoot the Messenger and Pure to series

WGN America has picked up three new series; 100 Code starring Dominic Monaghan (Lost) and the late Michael Nyqvist (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Shoot the Messenger starring Elyse Levesque (Orphan Black), Lyriq Bent (She Gotta Have it), Lucas Bryant (Haven) and Alex Kingston (Doctor Who), and Pure starring Ryan Robbins (Apollo 18), Alex Paxton-Beesley (The Strain), A.J. Buckley (CSI: NY) and Rosie Perez (Search Party). You can check out information on the series and the trailers for 100 CodeShoot the Messenger and Pure below.

100 Code: Young, blonde and blue-eyed women have been turning up dead in fields of flowers. Through a special dispensation from the NYPD, Detective Tommy Conley (Monaghan) is permitted to observe and advise the Stockholm PD. Upon arrival in Sweden, he is paired with Mikael Eklund (Nyqvist) a by-the-book Swedish cop with an aversion to American culture. Both hate each other, but the two are quickly forced to resolve their differences as the mysterious killings continue.  As the web of shocking murders continues, Conley and Eklund are led down a path of no return in their hunt for the vicious killer. 100 Code will have 12 episodes and premiere in 2018.

Shoot the Messenger: A gritty political-crime thriller centering on the complex relationships between crime reporters and the police, Shoot the Messenger follows Daisy Channing (Levesque), a young reporter trying to balance a messy personal life with a burgeoning career. Things begin to go sideways for Daisy when she witnesses a murder she thinks is gang related, only to find herself slowly drawn into an interconnected web of criminal and illicit sexual activity that reaches into the corridors of corporate and political power. It’s the kind of story that will destroy lives, including those of her own family. With help from her editor Mary Foster (Alex Kingston), co-worker Simon Olenski Bryant), and lead homicide detective Kevin Lutz (Bent), Daisy uncovers a cover-up so scandalous it could bring down the government. Shoot the Messenger has eight episodes and will premiere in 2018.

Pure: Pure takes us deep inside a closed, secretive subculture through the eyes of a conflicted, good-hearted man trying to protect his family and preserve his faith. Inspired by true events, Pure is the journey of Noah Funk-newly elected Mennonite pastor-who is determined to rid his community of the scourge of drugs and its nefarious ties to a transborder smuggling alliance with ruthless Mexican cocaine cartels. But just when he thinks he’s won, he’s thrust headlong into a desperate world of violence, greed, and betrayal. Pure will have six episodes and the release date is TBD.

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