Vikings Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer is Ready for Battle

History has unveiled a new trailer for Vikings Season 4

History has released the official Comic-Con trailer for Viking Season 4 and you can check out all the action and bloodshed for yourself below.

According to an interview in Entertainment Weekly, this season will feature Alexander Ludwig’s Bjorn going on a spiritual quest.

“He decides to figure out his life and go out to the woods,” said Ludwig. “And while he’s there, this bear starts stalking him. Ironically, the bear had a bigger resumé than anyone else on the set. It was the ‘Anchorman’ bear. I was starstruck.”

Ragnar is also recovering from the events of Season 3, although Star Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar will also be taking a trip to the dark side.

“He’s got very close to death,” Fimmel said. “A lot of this year is his fascination with death. Like Odin, who hung himself to feel how it felt to be dead.”

Season 4 of “Vikings” is scheduled to premiere in in early 2016. 


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