Teaser Trailer for HBO’s The Brink, Starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins



HBO is giving us our first look at their new comedy series “The Brink,” which begins its ten-episode season on Sunday, June 21 at 10:30pm. Check out the teaser trailer below!

This epic dark comedy focuses on a geopolitical crisis and its effect on three disparate, desperate men: Secretary of State Walter Larson, lowly Foreign Service officer Alex Talbot and ace Navy fighter pilot Zeke Tilson, who must pull through the chaos around them to save the planet from World War Three.

Jack Black, Tim Robbins, Pablo Schreiber, Aasif Mandvi, Maribeth Monroe, Eric Ladin, Esai Morales and Geoff Pierson star in “The Brink,” which was created by Roberto Benabib and Kim Benabib for executive producers Jerry Weintraub, Roberto Benabib and Jay Roach.