Exclusive The Mallorca Files Clip for BritBox's Crime Drama Series

Exclusive The Mallorca Files Clip for BritBox’s Crime Drama Series

ComingSoon.net has an exclusive clip for BritBox’s crime drama series The Mallorca Files created by Dan Sefton (The Good Karma Hospital). Starring Elen Rhys (Broadchurch, Silent Witness) and Julian Looman (Nightlife, Pagan Peak), you can check out the clip below!

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Set amongst the vibrant international community of the picturesque Spanish island, The Mallorca Files centers around Detective Miranda Blake played by Elen Rhys, an introvert who is used to living by the rules, and Julian Looman as her German counterpart, Max Winter, whose approach to policing is based on gut-instinct and little regard for protocol. Their dynamic – sometimes in sync, but mostly not – makes them an odd but successful pairing.

The first season is directed by Bryn Higgins, Gordon Anderson, Rob Evans, and Charlie Palmer. The series writers include Dan Muirden, Sarah-Louise Hawkins, Alex McBride, and Rachael New.

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The first two episodes of The Mallorca Files Season 1 are now streaming on BritBox.


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