Bill Murray Gets Stuck in Another Groundhog Day in New Super Bowl Spot


Bill Murray Gets Stuck in Another Groundhog Day in New Super Bowl Spot

Bill Murray gets stuck in another Groundhog Day in new Super Bowl spot

Nearly 27 years since Groundhog Day debuted in theaters in 1993, two-time Emmy winner Bill Murray reprises one of his most iconic roles as Phil Connors in a newly released Super Bowl commercial for the car brand Jeep. In the TV ad, Murray is once again trapped in an endless time loop, only this time he relives his day over and over again to bond with the town’s famous Groundhog as they ride together in style. Also featuring Stephen Tobolowsky and Brian Doyle-Murray’s return as Ned Ryerson and Buster Green, you can check out the video below!

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Groundhog Day was directed and co-written by the late Harold Ramis, who was Murray’s co-star in Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters films. The fantasy comedy also starred Andie MacDowell as Rita Hanson, and Chris Elliott as Larry. After the film’s release, it became an instant classic comedy by garnering a lot of critical acclaim and has clearly stood the test of time by frequently being included in various lists of best comedy films. Although the time loop trope didn’t originate with the film, “groundhog day” is now commonly used as a term to describe an unpleasant situation the keeps on repeating.

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