Exclusive Blinded by the Lights Trailer For Polish HBO NOW Series


Exclusive Blinded by the Lights Trailer For Polish HBO Series

Exclusive Blinded by the Lights trailer for Polish HBO NOW series

HBO has provided ComingSoon.net with the exclusive Blinded by the Lights trailer for the Polish original drama which debuts on HBO NOW today. Check it out in the player below!

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Kuba (introducing Kamil Nożyński) is a notorious Warsaw cocaine dealer. A perfectionist and an outsider, he keeps everything under tight control, including his meticulously-planned image. Kuba operates at the interface of the city’s opposing worlds: the politicians, celebrities, affluent homemakers, hip-hop stars and hipsters he supplies; and the mobsters and criminals of the seedy, violent underbelly he answers to. He knows many people, but they know little about him.

Kuba is tired of his life – he wants to get away from the city, somewhere far away. He has two one-way tickets to Argentina, leaving on Christmas Day: he just needs one week to put some final things in order. Meanwhile, Dario, an old-style mobster, is released from prison. When their paths cross Kuba begins to lose grip of his tightly-controlled life, threatening the reality he’s carefully constructed for himself – and his dreams of escape.

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Blinded by the Lights is based on Jakub Żulczyk’s bestselling novel of the same name. All episodes are directed by Krzysztof Skonieczny whose credits include Hardkor Disko. The script was written by Krzysztof Skonieczny and Jakub Żulczyk.