New Trailer for Losers Shows the Value in Not Winning


New trailer for Losers

New trailer for Losers shows the value in not winning

The upcoming Netflix docuseries Losers aims to shed some light on the notion that our collective obsession with competition might be costing us some valuable lessons in the meantime. While examining the “winning is everything” mentality in our day-to-day society, Losers talks to famed athletes from around the world who’ve turned historic losses into something greater. You can check out the trailer in the post below!

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The series will be a mixture of live action and animation, and featuring interviews featuring competitive athletes from around the globe. With athletes ranging from the worlds of basketball, golf, ice skating, boxing, extreme running and even sled dog racing, each one will explain what they learned from their noteworthy losses, and how they helped them be better people. Not to mention better athletes. All of which is often overlooked in a global society that’s become over-obsessed with first place victories.

Some of the participants include noted Gulls fan John Lovis, goalkeeper Kenny Allen and David Thomas, a sportswriter for Herald Express as well as Devon Live.

Losers will be available to stream on Netflix starting March 1.