Most Beautiful Thing Trailer Shows Love, Life and Music in 1959 Rio


Most Beautiful Thing trailer

Most Beautiful Thing trailer shows love, life and music in 1959 Rio

In the new trailer for the upcoming Netflix series Most Beautiful Thing, the year 1959, the first Bossa Nova chords are being played, and Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant, electric place where everyone wants to be. You can check out the trailer in the post below!

As soon as Malu arrives in the city, she discovers that she was abandoned and robbed by her husband. Everything seems lost, but circumstances lead her to encounter new friends, new rhythms and a new version of herself, with the courage to fulfill her dream of opening a music club.

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Most Beautiful Thing stars Maria Casadevallas as Maria Luiza, a rich and dutiful woman who has always depended on her father and husband, Pathy Dejesus as Adélia, and Fernanda Vasconcellos asLígia.

The upcoming original series was produced by Beto Gauss and Francesco Civita’s Prodigo Films for Netflix, Coisa Mais Linda will feature seven episodes in its first season. Created by Heather Roth and Giuliano Cedroni, written by Patricia Corso, Leo Moreira, and Luna Grimberg under the overall direction of Caito Ortiz, the series will be directed by himself, Hugo Prata and Julia Rezende.