Conan O’Brien Teases A New Look For His Return to TBS


Conan O'Brien teases a new look

Conan O’Brien teases a new look for his return to TBS

Amidst Conan O’Brien’s stand-up tours, his podcasting, and all the traveling in-between, he’s also preparing for his show’s return to TBS next month. Conan, his late-night talk show, will return on January 22nd after a three-month hiatus. In anticipation, Team Coco released a video hyping his return to the late night scene, including an all-new set, which they’re keeping a secret. You can check out the trailer in the post below!

Among the changes, it’ll be a new 30-minute format, down from the typical late-night structure of 60 minutes. The revamped late-night show and expanded fan experience is being hyped as a defining moment of a new era in multi-platform comedy.

“My three-month absence can only mean one thing – radical cosmetic surgery. Tune in January 22nd for a true freak show,” O’Brien added in a statement.

Conan first premiered on TBS in November 2010 after a much-publicized debacle where he was named the successor of The Tonight Show following Jay Leno’s exit, only to lose the job about six months later when Leno decided to return as host. In May of 2017, TBS renewed the show through 2022, but then in May of this year, O’Brien announced he’d be changing from a 60-minute show to a 30-minute show with a looser structure than before.

The show’s new format will continue to feature celebrity guests and O’Brien’s signature brand of comedy, which has helped make him the longest tenured late-night host in history. Prior to his current run on CBS, he hosted Late Night with Conan O’Brien from 1993 all the way through 2009.