Netflix Sets Release Date For Documentary Series Dogs

Dogs Trailer: Netflix Fetches an All-New Documentary Series

Netflix has announced the release date for the upcoming documentary series Dogs, as well as a poster and a trailer for the series, all of which can be viewed in full in the player below!

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The series, developed for Netflix by Glen Zipper (Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus), tells six different stories from around the globe of deep connections between dog owners and their beloved companions that reaches far beyond those seen on social media stories and on fictional TV shows. Helmed by six directors, the series will travel from the United States to Syria to Japan to Costa Rica and to Italy.

Dogs will see the stories of an 11-year-old girl and her service dog’s unbreakable trust as the dog helps her deal with oncoming seizures, a man who escaped from Syria and risks everything with his friends to bring his dog back from the war-torn country, an Italian fisherman whose dog is his business partner and withstands the dangerously cold weather during fishing season, two of the world’s most renowned dog groomers from Japan, where dogs are a huge part of the culture, a Costa Rican sanctuary for dogs that is struggling with resources to provide for the thousands of dogs there and the adoption system in New York.

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The directors of the series include Amy Berg, the Academy Award-nominated director of 2006’s Deliver Us From Evil who will direct two of the six episodes in the series, Heidi Ewing (One of Us), Richard Hankin (The Jinx), Roger Ross Williams (Life, Animated) and duo T.J. Martin and Daniel Lindsay (LA ’92).

Dogs will premiere on Netflix on November 16.


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