Legion Season Finale Recap


Legion Season Finale Recap

Legion Season Finale Recap

The season finale of FX‘s Legion opens with a peek into the life of the Interrogator, who later in the episode gives his name as Clark. Nothing is particularly revelatory. Clark has a husband and a son, who are supportive of him as he gets back on his feet. Even still, Clark is depressed and spends most of his time in bed, watching TV. Finally well enough to go to work, the bureau has recommended Clark stay on desk duty. He refuses, insisting he is going to finish what he started.

Which leads us to where we left off last week, with Clark and his commandos surrounding David and his friends in the woods. Without breaking a sweat, David casually raises a hand and piles all the commandos into a huge totem pole. Ptonomy wants to shoot Clark; David tells him to put it down. He wants to talk to Clark.

At some off-site location, Division 3 watches all this through a camera in Clark’s glassy eye. Team B is ready to go, but the head of D3 wants to watch what happens.

Clark is seated in a room, with Kerry walking suspicious, angry circles around him. In the lab, the gang discusses what to do. David wants to talk to him; Ptonomy wants to kill him; Melanie wants David to read his mind, find out what D3 knows, and who their spies are. Cary is more concerned with getting the parasite out of David’s head. The halo is getting weaker, and Cary worries that by the end of the day, the parasite will take over David permanently.


Melanie sits with Clark. She wants to move past the threats, but he keeps making them, pointing out that Division 3 is part of the government. He promises that if he doesn’t check in soon, D3 will send an army after him. Melanie admits that David is a “world breaker,” but points out if he had killed David before he figured out his powers, Melanie might be impressed by Clark’s armies.

David is outside, meditating by floating several feet in the air. His friends come out to get him. Cary boosts the power of the halo, but promises it won’t last long. Clark is curious as to what is going on here. David, creepily, repeats the phrase “You don’t have to be afraid,” but I don’t think it is directed at Clark. Sydney finally asks why Clark and his buddies don’t leave them alone. “Look at you. You are gods. Some day you will realize you don’t have to listen to us anymore.”

Suddenly Sydney is in the white room, and zombie Lenny crawls out of the bed. She leaves tar footprints on the floor as she moves towards Sydney, explaining that when Sydney was in David’s head, Lenny was in her’s. Lenny wants Sydney to help her escape and explains that the only way to get rid of the demon is for Lenny to leave voluntarily. Otherwise, the parasite will kill David.

Back in the real world, David wants a face-to-face meeting with the D3 people, but then he passes out. Everyone is worried; Clark is intrigued. Sydney, fed up, announces to Clark (and D3) that David has a mutant in his head, trying to erase him. She thinks Clark likes David, and wants him to help. There is no response from Clark, so he is taken to a holding room while Cary gets David back to the lab. Interestingly, a TV in the holding cell shows Clark everything that is happening in the lab.


David is strapped down to the exam table and is pissed when he discovers he can’t move. He can feel the parasite inside of him, trying to force its way out. Oliver is doing the final checks on the equipment, then turns on lasers, which form a square around David. Oliver leaves, and heads to the generator room to keep an eye on the power output.

Cary explains that he has ID’d a second set of brain waves in David’s brain. The idea is they suck out those that aren’t David’s, and they suck out the parasite, hopefully leaving David intact. Sydney is worried, but they begin. At first, it appears to be working. In David’s mind, he sees his life roll backwards, the potato man lifting out of his memories. But Sydney remembers what Lenny said.

In his mind, David is suddenly in pain. Cary notices on the computer monitors that the parasite is fighting back. David is seizing, and in his head, his memory stream stops on an image of him as an infant. The potato man appears, and David calls Lenny to come out. Lenny is frozen, still looking like a zombie. David wonders what he is without her, because they have been together so long. She struggles to speak; finally: “I’m not leaving.” She strangles him – but as the camera pulls back, we see David is choking himself.

On the TV screen that Clark is watching, the potato man flashes, scaring the hell out of Clark. His superiors call to send the equinox. In the lab, Sydney is worried as David’s seizing increases and blood drips from his nose. She goes into the lab with David, rushes through the laser lights, and kisses David. In a blinding flash of light, everything explodes. Sydney stands, her eyes glowing just like the potato man’s eyes. She’s got the parasite in her now. She pulls off her gloves and goes to Kerry, who has rushed in, ready for a fight. Sydney taps Kerry, passing the demon on to her. Kerry kicks Cary aside and knocks away Ptonomy, who has come in shooting. She makes “finger guns” at Melanie and “shoots” her. Melanie drops.


Kerry marches down the hall. Clark hits her over the head with his cane; she throws him down the hall. Then David literally floats into the hallway and faces off against Kerry with a smile. The two rush each other. They smash into each other with so much power the entire building shakes, and black smoke escapes. This black smoke finds its way into Oliver, who is just leaving the generator room (after remembering who Melanie is). Oliver strolls down the hall, singing as he passes other people. Summerland is in chaos; no one notices when he gets in the car and drives away.

David wakes on the hall floor and checks on Kerry. She is okay, and the parasite is gone. David helps up Clark and tells him they will have to work together. Clark promises to talk to “them.” David wakes Melanie, while Kerry wakes Cary. Their spat is over now. David rushes to Sydney, who wakes and asks, “Did we win?” David is concerned that Sydney did what she did, but Sydney defends her actions: “It would have killed you.” When asked how he feels, David admits he feels better. Melanie comes in. “Where’s Oliver?”

Oliver is driving along, Lenny/The Shadow King in his passenger seat. “Where should we look first?” he asks her. “Someplace warm.”

In the mid-credits scene, David and Sydney are standing on the balcony when David is scanned by a floating orb, which then traps him inside and flies off.