NYPD Blue Revival Given Pilot Order By ABC


ABC gives pilot order for NYPD Blue revival

Tired of remakes and reboots? Too bad! ABC has given a pilot production commitment to an all new NYPD Blue revival series that will supposedly revolve around the son of Dennis Franz’s character Detective Any Sipowicz, according to Deadline. The pilot is already in the casting stages for its four main roles.

The trade notes that the sequel will not feature the return of Franz’s character. Instead, in the new series Sipowicz is now dead, and the story will focus on his son Theo “as he tries to earn his detective shield and work in the 15th squad while investigating his father’s murder. Theo seems to have taken after his father as he too is a hard-drinking, hard-headed and quick-witted cop.”

This link to the original drama opens up the opportunity for old cast members to rejoin or at least make cameo appearances at some point. Though, as stated above, one actor who won’t be making a comeback is Franz, who won three Emmys for NYPD Blue before retiring from acting altogether.

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“I did receive a call, and I’m flattered but not interested,” Franz told Deadline. “’NYPD Blue’ was a high point in my life and career, and I think of it so fondly. I wish them all well and much success.”

NYPD Blue alums Matt Olmstead, Nick Wootton and Jesse Bochco will spearhead the pilot. Olmstead and Wootton will write while Bochco, son of NYPD Blue co-creator Steven Bochco, who reportedly gave his son his blessing to revive the series before his death on April 1, is set to direct.

“Steven was just unflappable. All of the writers, he guarded us like we were his kids,” Wootton said following Bochco’s passing. Added Olmstead, “The man was a prince, a total gentleman and what he did was borderline magical. Generous, kind and nurturing, beyond being wildly talented. Just one of a kind.”

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Created by Bochco and David Milch, NYPD Blue debuted in 1993 and ran for 12 seasons, setting a record for the longest-running drama series on ABC, a mark only recently eclipsed by Grey’s Anatomy. It won 20 Emmy Awards from 84 nominations over its run, including best drama series, and was lauded for its realistic portrayal of cops’ lives.

NYPD Blue also pushed the boundaries of broadcast content with its depiction of nudity and alcoholism, drawing an FCC fine over a racy 2003 scene featuring Charlotte Ross’ buttocks that was eventually struck down by a court.