Apple Will Give Away Its Streaming Content To Device Owners for Free


Apple will give away its streaming content

Apple will give away its streaming content to device owners for free

If you own an iPhone, a MacBook, or Apple TV, Apple will give away its streaming content for free. Per a report from CNBC, the tech giant’s plan for its soon-to-launch streaming service are making it free for device owners and Apple loyalists.

Apple device owners will see their new, original content appear automatically in the built-in “TV” app, said some insiders who talked to CNBC under anonymity. In addition to their own content created for their streaming service, it will offer subscription channels for services like HBO and Starz — similar to what Amazon Prime Video does now.

Currently, the company is spending roughly $1 billion on original content, which has drawn stars from TV legend Oprah Winfrey to Aquaman star Jason Momoa. Their one caveat is that they’re making it all very PG-rated, and have even asked some of the showrunners hired to produce their upcoming library to ‘tone it down‘ in order to make shows that are accessible to everyone. Which is the opposite approach to, say, Netflix, who tend to push the boundaries of what can be done on TV, free from networks’ traditional standards and practices.

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It will be a while before we see how this all shakes out, as Apple’s new streaming service’s launch date was recently pushed back to March of 2019.