Rosario Dawson May Be Done with Netflix’s Marvel Universe


Rosario Dawson may be done

Rosario Dawson may be done with Netflix’s Marvel Universe

Rosario Dawson may be hanging up her scrubs for good. The actor, who’s played Claire Temple, better known as The Night Nurse, in scores of the Netflix Marvel series may not return to the franchise, per a report from IndieWire.

Speaking at a panel at 2018 Tribeca TV Fest, Dawson spoke about her role in the small screen MCU. Specifically, after filming her break-up scene with Luke Cage in episode three of the show’s third season, she feels like the character may have completed her arc. “Who knows if I’ll come back again? This was looking like it was going to be a big final scene for Claire, and it was really as a culmination of three years and being on five different shows.”

Prior to their big crossover, The Defenders, Dawson’s Claire Temple was the thread that bound the sprawling, NYC-set shows together. When shooting that final scene, Dawson also gave some input on how it would play out. “When the scene was first written, to be honest, it was a little bit more written on his side and his storyline and that kind of stuff,” Dawson said. “And I approached Cheo and had the audacity of adding some lines and rewriting some stuff and asked him if that could work.”

Dawson will be seen next in Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s Someone Great with Brittany Snow and Lakeith Stanfield, as well as the animated romp Henchman, both due out sometime next year.