Hellboy Writer Confirms Diablo Series in the Works at Netflix

Writer Confirms Diablo Series

Hellboy writer confirms Diablo series in the works at Netflix

Hellboy writer Andrew Cosby announced yesterday on Twitter that he’ll be penning a new Netflix series based on Blizzard Entertainment’s video-game Diablo. The series has been in the rumor stage for some time, with Cosby himself even saying that such a project “would DEFINITELY be Rated R.” Now, Cosby appears to have confirmed his involvement in bringing Diablo to Netflix.

I guess I can confirm I am indeed in final talks to write and show-run the new DIABLO animated series for Activision and Netflix. It’s very exciting and I hope to the High Heavens it all works out,” he tweeted, which was captured by Bloody Disgusting before the original post was removed.

There have been rumors of a Diablo movie for more than a decade, though this is the first piece of news that seems to push past the rumor phase. The video game series, a mixture of a hack-and-slash button-masher and more traditional role-playing first launched in 1996, where you played a lonely medieval hero trying to rid the world of Diablo, the Lord of Terror. The most recent game in the series, Diablo III, was released back in 2012, got an expansion pack, called “The Darkening of Tristram”  to commemorate its 20th anniversary early last year.

Movies based on video games have always been tricky to land, but the lush visuals and fantastic setting of Diablo seems like it could handle the transition in the right hands. Lets hope that Cosby taking his tweet down doesn’t bode poorly for the long-rumored TV series.