John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness May Become a TV Series

John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness may become a TV series

Did you ever envision John Carpenter’s original Prince of Darkness film becoming a TV series? If so, this might actually become a reality soon based off of a recent interview Carpenter had.

Sitting down with the Consequence of Sound, the topic of a potential show came up during the interview when discussing negotiations currently going on with the horror/supernatural streaming service Shudder.

We’re talking to them about doing a theme, and maybe doing a show for them. What would you think about Prince of Darkness as a TV show?” Carpenter said. When asked for more details, and told the idea was ‘bad ass,’ Carpenter responded: “Well, maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know. I’m not going to tell you.”

The 1987 film focuses on a deserted church where a mysterious cylinder hosts the potential to destroy the world. Poking around in a church cellar, a priest (Donald Pleasence) finds an otherworldly vial filled with slime. Frightened, he brings his discovery to a circle of top scholars and scientists, who eventually learn that the strange liquid is the essence of Satan. The slime then begins to seep out, turning some of the academics into zombified killers. As the possessed battle the survivors, student Kelly (Susan Blanchard) is infected by a large quantity of the liquid and becomes Satan personified.

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