Lodge 49 Episode 8 Preview Introduces The Captain

Lodge 49 episode 8 preview

AMC has released a new promo and sneak peek for the eighth episode of their new dramedy series Lodge 49, which airs Mondays after Better Call SaulYou can check out both clips in the post below!

Lodge 49 follows Dud (Wyatt Russell), a man who suffered an incident which made it impossible to enjoy his favorite pastime. Dud drifted among life before finding a fraternal lodge. One that offers both cheap beer and philosophies.

In the clip below, we get some snippets about the new character of Captain, played by Bruce Campbell (Fargo, Evil Dead), while Dud’s sister, Liz (Sonya Cassidy), breaks the news to Dud that he has to pay back the money he’s borrowed from her.

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In the second clip, Dud finally realizes that Gary Green and Captain are one in the same. Meanwhile, Captain lounges away in a kiddie pool in the middle of the desert knocking back bloody marys, he talks about his love of salesmen before letting Ernie gives him a sales pitch.

Will Ernie close the deal? Is Captain everything he’s made out to be? We won’t find out until the next episode of Lodge 49 airs this Monday.


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