The Jim Henson Company is Developing The Witchlands For TV


The Jim Henson Company is Developing The Witchlands For TV

While The Happytime Murders didn’t light up the box office, the Jim Henson Company has already set up its next project. As revealed at Dragon Con, Jim Henson Co.’s Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford are bringing The Witchlands to television. Author Susan Dennard created The Witchlands in 2016 with Truthwitch, and its first sequel, Windwhich in 2017. Dennard is continuing the series with Bloodwitch in early 2019, and she was at Dragon Con for the announcement.

Via Deadline, Dennard will co-executive produce The Witchlands with Henson and Stanford. It’s set in an alternate world ruled by three empires. In this realm, people born with a “witchery” have magical powers beyond the rest of the population. Two best friends, Safi (a Truthwitch) and Iseult (a Threadwitch), find themselves at the forefront of a struggle that may shift the balance of power between the empires.

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The Witchlands features a world of magic and astonishing characters that our Creature Shop can sink its teeth into and bring to life in an exciting and fresh way,” said a statement. “These books fulfill our desire to dive deep into a high fantasy world a la Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, where the women are the heroes and the world itself is seen through a feminine lens.”

“I’m so thrilled that The Witchlands is in the hands of such a dynamic and creative company as The Jim Henson Company,” added Dennard. “This is a literal dream come true, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with to bring the world, characters, magic, and creatures to life!”

There isn’t currently a home for the series, but it will likely be shopped to streaming services and cable networks.

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