The Wish Giver in the Works for TV


The Wish Giver in the Works for TV

The Wish Giver in the Works for TV

Producers Brett Carducci and Stephen Laddin have landed the media rights to Bill Brittain’s young adult novel The Wish Giver. Variety is reporting that Carducci and Laddin will produce the project under Carducci’s production banner, Aligned Entertainment.

From HarperCollins the official description of the novel is as follow:A Newbery Honor Book that the New York Times called “an eerie delight,” The Wish Giver is an engaging literary folk story about those who get what they wish for—whether they want it or not.

The people of Coven Tree are no strangers to magic. In fact, the town’s very name comes from a gnarled old tree where covens of witches used to gather. Even now, imps and fiends continue to appear, frightening the townsfolk with their devilish pranks.

Usually these creatures are easy to spot. They have a particular smell, or sound, or way of moving, that betrays their dark nature.

But Thaddeus Blinn showed none of these signs when he came to Coven Tree. He was just a funny little man who drifted into town with a strange tale about being able to give people whatever they wished—for only fifty cents.

There was nothing scary about him. At least, not until the wishing began…

Brett Carducci was an executive producer on the 2017 film Killing Hasselhoff. Carducci also produced an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary titled Student/Athlete. Stephen Laddin was an executive producer on the Bit Torrent Now pilot The Specials.