Watch The Walking Dead: Red Machete As a Single Video


Watch The Walking Dead: Red Machete As a Single Video

During the eighth season of The Walking Dead, AMC ran a limited series of mini-episodes called The Walking Dead: Red Machete. Each installment ran during The Walking Dead‘s commercial breaks, and it’s been nominated for an Emmy Award in the short-form category. Now, it’s been assembled into a single 15-minute video which chronicles the journey of the titular machete as it passes through several owners, including Rick Grimes.

The Red Machete shorts were written by Nick Bernardone and directed by Avi Youabian, The premise of the mini-episodes was that the machete had a long history both before and after Rick Grimes used it to kill Gareth, the leader of the Terminus cannibals. Bernardone and Youabian also conveyed the story with minimal dialogue. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this story is that the machete was literally taken from a store shelf after the zombie apocalypse began. And only one person owned it more than once.

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Mandy (Anais Lilit) was easily the most sympathetic owner of the machete, and she shared the screen with her sister, Alyssa (Sofia Esmaili) and their father, David (Jose Rosete). After Mandy, the machete fell into the hands of one of the Claimers, and Jeff Kober reprised his role as Joe for this series. An animated segment reveals what happened to the machete after Rick got a hold of it, and how it came to be in the possession of Negan’s Saviors before once again passing on to someone else. There’s even a broad hint that the machete could once again show up within The Walking Dead universe, but you’ll have to watch the entire video below to see how that plays out.

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