Matt Nix Teases a Big Change For Reed Strucker in The Gifted Season 2


Matt Nix Teases a Big Change For Reed Strucker in The Gifted Season 2

During the first season of The Gifted, Stephen Moyer’s Reed Strucker discovered the dark secret of his family: he was born a mutant. However, Reed’s father was fearful of the Strucker family’s legacy and performed experiments on Reed that suppressed his powers. But in the upcoming second season, Reed’s mutant powers will finally manifest themselves, as revealed during the Comic-Con trailer for The Gifted.

“Reed’s had powers suppressed for 30-something years,” explained The Gifted showrunner Matt Nix, while speaking with TV Guide. “So when they come along, it’s a rough ride. It’s a very, very rough ride. It’s not like he’s suddenly a super hero. And one of the things we think about a lot is how are these powers hooked into someone’s emotional life, and Reed’s a pretty repressed guy. So powers showing up for Reed is not good news. It’s very, very bad news.”

Moyer also offered a glimpse of how Reed’s powers will manifest themselves

“I look back at my past, and I look at my father’s notes, and I basically try to see who I could have been before, and that’s how maybe things start to happen,” revealed Moyer. Although Moyer declined to define what Reed’s powers will be, he did say that they are “in the family.” Presumably that means he will have some form of telekinesis or molecular manipulation. While Reed’s children, Lauren and Andy, have similar powers, they are able to exercise greater control when they activate their abilities in a collaborative way. As far as we know, Reed doesn’t have a sibling who can help him get control of his powers. But perhaps Reed’s allies in the Mutant Underground will be able to give him a hand.

The Gifted Season 2 will premiere on Tuesday, September 25. Let us know what you think about Reed Strucker’s new powers in the comment section below!