Better Call Saul

Bob Odenkirk teases the convergence of Better Call Saul & Breaking Bad

When Better Call Saul began in 2015, it showed Breaking Bad fans a different side of Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman. As Saul, he was the amoral “criminal lawyer” who used his knowledge of the law for nefarious ends. But as Jimmy McGill, the future Saul actually had a good heart and a chance for redemption. But the past is rapidly becoming the present on this series, and according to Odenkirk, the Breaking Bad connections are stronger than ever in season 4.

“It’s coming around and it’s so close that it’s the next thing to happen,” related Odenkirk while speaking with Variety. “It’s so close that you can see it’s right there at the end of the season essentially, but it takes up more time. The plots with Mike and Gus and Hector, the Breaking Bad world is assembled very closely, almost at the end of the season four. There’s a little bit of time there to go.”

Odenkirk also indicated that Jimmy’s story will continue to cross paths with Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) will continue to intersect.

“Next year will be the weaving in and out,” said Odenkirk. “That’s how it’s going to go. The two tracks, they’re just touching at the end. The merge is just about to happen at the end. There’s still a ways to go because Gus is assembling his power and his status that he has when we meet him in Breaking Bad, but he doesn’t get there yet. He’s just got like one last leg to go, but then Saul has to have some interactions before Walter White would come in to the room. So there’s maybe two chapters before then.”

The fourth season of Better Call Saul will premiere on Monday, August 6 on AMC.

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