Supernatural 13.23 ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ Promo


Supernatural 13.23 'Let the Good Times Roll' Promo

Supernatural 13.23 ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ promo

Sam, Dean, and Jack come face-to-face with Lucifer in the Supernatural 13.23 episode promo released by The CW. The season finale, titled “Let the Good Times Roll,” finds Lucifer and Michael making their way over into our world as the Winchester brothers, Castiel, and their allies try to find a way to stop both archangels. Check out the promo for the Supernatural Season 13 finale and continue reading for a recap of episode 13.22, titled “Exodus.”

Last night’s episode started off where last week’s ended as a newly-resurrected Sam makes a beeline for his mom to give her a hug before explaining to a stunned Dean that Lucifer brought him back. Lucifer tries to milk the moment for all its worth, telling the camp that not only did he give “Sammy an extra life,” but in the battle against Michael it wouldn’t hurt to have another archangel. The sudden arrival of Lucifer throws Jack off emotionally, who has been told his biological father is evil but doesn’t necessarily want him dead at the moment after having just met him for the first time. When Dean yells at Gabriel to kill Lucifer with his archangel blade, Jack yells “Stop it” and teleports away.

Off on his own, Jack has flashbacks to the video message his mom left him telling him to not let anyone else tell Jack who he’s supposed to be, that he is who he chooses to be and that no one would blame him for one day seeking out his dad. He also experiences multiple flashbacks of Sam and how the younger Winchester always believed in him and how Sam told Jack before that he knows what it’s like to feel like you don’t belong. Jack also remembers some of the people he has hurt because of his power. Lucifer just told him that he’s the only one who understands him and that power, and Jack finally comes to a decision. He explains to Castiel later that he’s going to listen to what Lucifer has to say.

Meanwhile, after Lucifer told the group that he left Rowena a little bit of his grace allowing for a 31-hour timeframe before the rift closes again, Sam and Dean get a chance to talk privately. Sam feels guilty about bringing Lucifer back to camp with him and tries to apologize to Dean. Dean asks if Sam is good and after hesitating, Sam says that he’s alive. Dean tells his brother that he has nothing to apologize for and then wraps his little brother in a hug. After Dean says, “I thought I lost you, man,” the brothers separate and Sam asks his brother to let him handle the Lucifer problem.

After Mary gives Lucifer a nice shot to the face, Sam and Dean learn that their mom intends to stay in Apocalyse World. The boys are obviously surprised and initially hurt after everything they’ve gone through to rescue her, but she explains that she can’t abandon the group or the battle against Michael while people are being slaughtered. Dean tries to convince her to change her mind, but Sam comes up with another idea: He recognizes that Mary has made up her mind, so instead, why not offer to take all of the rebels, roughly 25 people, back with them? That way they can regroup in our world and utilize the resources in the bunker before returning to the fight so they can all take care of Michael together.

Elsewhere, Jack and Lucifer get to talking and Lucifer tries to shift the blame away from himself when Jack asks him why everyone hates him. Lucifer, ever the master manipulator, doesn’t go into detail about the bad things he has done, but instead shifts the perspective onto humans in general, how they are flawed and when they make bad choices everyone blames him because all of the evil in the world is supposedly his fault. Castiel tries to interject and eventually leaves to grab Sam and Dean for help after Lucifer tries to convince Jack that he wants to be better. Dean tries to prevent Jack and Lucifer from talking, but Jack wants to hear more of what his dad has to say.

While heading to base camp to meet up with AU Bobby and the Apocalyse World version of Singer Auto Salvage, Mary tells Dean that he needs to let Jack see with his own eyes who Lucifer really is. She is confident that Jack will not turn to the dark side because of his biological dad, he just needs the opportunity to see for himself who the devil really is instead of just being told who he is. The group is momentarily stopped by a group of Michael’s angels who are quickly taken care of by a snap of Lucifer’s fingers, who also ditches his handcuffs while trying to prove to Jack that he’s a “team player.”

As Sam and Dean reunite with Bobby, they learn that Ketch and Charlie are out on a mission to save a human from an angel kill squad. The two walk into a trap, however, and are tortured for information by the AU version of Castiel. As “evil” Cas tortures Charlie and Ketch, back in camp, our Castiel is also acting as “torture expert” while he and the boys interrogate a traitor for giving up information on Charlie and Ketch. After learning where they are, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Mary, and Jack arrive to save the pair. Sam hugs Charlie once he’s freed her before quickly apologizing once he remembers this is AU Charlie and she doesn’t actually know him. Charlie hits him on the arm with a smile, though, grateful for the rescue. While the others are rescuing Charlie and Ketch, Castiel kills off his “evil” self, saying he’s gotten used to running into more than one version of himself.

Part of Jack and Lucifer “bonding” includes Lucifer teaching Jack about their family tree. They meet up with Gabriel so Jack can properly meet his uncle, but Gabriel immediately calls Lucifer out on his bull. He tells the devil that he is “not a victim” and that he always uses God’s banishment of him into the Cage in hell as an excuse. Later, Gabriel tells Lucifer that he’s known him “since the stars were made” and how Lucifer couldn’t stand that God loved the innocent humans more than him, so Lucifer corrupted humans to prove how flawed they were and God sent him away because he had to cut out the cancer. It was too late, though, and that cancer spread. Gabriel tells Lucifer that it’s too late for him as well.

At base camp, after Sam and Dean make their pitch for taking the group of fighters back into our world, the leaders put it to a vote and everyone, including Bobby, decides to come back with Sam and Dean, telling them that for whatever reason, “I got a good feeling about you two.”  They all pile onto a bus that Dean fixes up, and after making it back to the rift the group lines up and makes their way through as Rowena holds the doorway open. Suddenly, Michael appears and easily takes down Lucifer. Gabriel tells Sam and Dean to follow everyone else through the rift and that he’s going to stay and fight because he’s “not running anymore.” Gabriel meets a swift end during his short battle with Michael, who kills him with the archangel blade.

Sam tells Dean to go, but he doesn’t immediately follow his brother through the rift. Sam follows up on his promise to Dean that he would handle Lucifer, and in a moment that left fans cheering, Sam was finally able to take a little bit of revenge against his abuser and prevents Lucifer from heading into the rift. Sam physically holds the injured Lucifer back and says, “How did you think this was gonna end?” before shoving the devil backward onto the ground. Sam then runs into the rift and Michael and Lucifer watch as the doorway closes behind him.

The boys and the rebels experience a moment of levity as they are safe and sound in the bunker, having a drink and celebrating their small victory. Sam thanks Rowena for her helping and how they owe her one. He then makes his way to Dean, who’s chatting with Castiel about Gabriel and how his sacrifice was the reason Sam and Dean made it out. When Castiel asks about Lucifer, Dean says that Sam handled it. Bobby then gives a speech about how they are going to regroup and then they’ll head back into their world to set their people free from Michael and his army. Bobby and the group make a toast to Sam and Dean, their new brothers, and thanks them while welcoming them to the family.

In the end, Michael hasn’t killed Lucifer as the devil knows how to talk himself out of a jam. He tells Michael that he saw how Rowena performed the spell and knows how to open the rift. He and Michael come to an agreement that if Lucifer helps him get through the rift, the devil gets his son, and Michael gets “everything else.”

What did you all think of the episode? Do you agree or disagree that it was a great setup for the season 13 finale next week? Let us know in the comments and share your theories on how this season will come to an end!

The Supernatural Season 13 finale airs on May 17, 2018, and is officially described as follows:

“Our heroes, Sam and Dean Winchester, continue to be tested in the battle between good and evil, but one impulsive decision could alter the lives of one the brothers forever. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb.”

Supernatural follows brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester. The thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers continues in Supernatural‘s 13th season. Sam and Dean have spent their lives on the road, battling supernatural threats that include everything from the demon that killed their mother to the usual vampires, ghosts, shape-shifters, angels and fallen gods rampaging over the land. They’ve come out on top with the help of allies, both human and supernatural, but every victory comes at a price.