Supernatural 13.19 ‘Funeralia’ Promo


Supernatural 13.19 'Funeralia' Promo

Supernatural 13.19 ‘Funeralia’ Promo

The CW has released the new promo for next week’s Supernatural Episode 13.19, titled “Funeralia” — which apparently comes from Medieval Latin meaning “funeral rites.” Watch the new Supernatural promo now in the player below!

In last night’s episode, Sam and Castiel managed to finally get Gabriel talking — thanks to an emotional speech by Sam about family and making the world a better place — after learning how he survived Lucifer’s death blow back in season five and what the archangel has been up to since then. When Asmodeus locates Gabriel at the Winchester’s bunker, Sam and Castiel come under attack only to be saved by a newly powered up and healed Gabriel after finally getting back his angel grace. When Sam eagerly invites Gabriel to “the team,” seemingly excited to have a powerful archangel on their side, his and Castiel’s hopes are quickly dashed when Gabriel abruptly leaves, not wanting any part of the conflict with Michael or helping Mary and Jack.

Meanwhile, Dean and Ketch’s rescue mission resulted in a wounded Dean and a surprise appearance by Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day), only this isn’t our Charlie. This Charlie belongs to the Apocalypse World and is still alive — thanks to Dean and Ketch — and ultimately decides to stay behind in the AU because this is “her home” and she’s not going to leave her friends behind. Ketch decides to stick around as well in order to locate Mary and Jack and keep an eye on Michael until the Winchesters come back through the rift. The episode ends with a frustrated and angry Dean after learning that Gabriel took off with his grace, meaning they can’t open a new door into the Apocalypse World, the new setback weighing heavily on them all.

In the promo for next week’s episode, Jessica the reaper (Kayla Stanton), who we last met in episode 13.05 “Advanced Thanatology,” returns and reveals to the brothers that she has essentially been “baby monitoring” them after Billie (Lisa Berry) aka Death asked her to keep an eye on them. The reaper would normally remain invisible, but as the promo below shows Jessica has revealed herself to the brothers for an unknown reason. We also see a quick glimpse of Rowena ripping Sam’s shirt open, leaving plenty of fans wondering what the witch has planned for youngest Winchester.

Supernatural 13.19 is officially described as follows:

“Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) must stop Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell), who is on a deadly mission. Meanwhile, Castiel (Misha Collins) looks to heaven to recruit angels for an impending invasion but is shocked by not only what he finds, but who. Nina Lopez-Corrado directed the episode written by Steve Yockey.” 

Supernatural follows brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester. The thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers continues in Supernatural‘s 13th season. Sam and Dean have spent their lives on the road, battling supernatural threats that include everything from the demon that killed their mother to the usual vampires, ghosts, shape-shifters, angels and fallen gods rampaging over the land. They’ve come out on top with the help of allies, both human and supernatural, but every victory comes at a price.

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