Sacha Baron Cohen Cast in Netflix’s The Spy


Sacha Baron Cohen Cast in Netflix's The Spy

Sacha Baron Cohen cast as Eli Cohen in the limited series, The Spy

Sacha Baron Cohen has been cast as Eli Cohen in the upcoming drama The Spy, a six-episode limited series exploring Cohen’s role as a spy for Israel in Syria in the early 1960s. The limited series will debut globally on Netflix (outside of France), and on OCS in France. The Spy further develops his relationship with Netflix.

Eli Cohen is one of the most legendary spies in the world. Cohen lived in Damascus undercover in the beginning of the ’60s, spying for Israel. He managed to embed himself into Syrian high society and rise through the ranks of their politics. His actions, connections and immense sacrifice have had lasting consequences, shaping the Middle East of today.

Sacha Baron Cohen is most known for his comedic satire roles, acquiring worldwide recognition for his work in Borat and Bruno. His feature credits also include Les Miserables, Hugo, The Dictator, and the Madagascar franchise. 

Gideon Raff is writer and director. Légende Films and Alain Goldman are producing.

Cohen currently appears in Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity, which launched globally on Netflix Friday, April 6.

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