Apple Lands Skydance’s Foundation Series

Apple lands Skydance’s adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series

Deadline reported today that Apple has acquired a TV adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series after a competitive bidding period. This news comes almost a year after the announcement that Skydance was in the process of developing the series for television with David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman. At least now we will see progress in bringing the beloved sci-fi property to life on the small screen.

Originally published as a series of eight short stories in Astounding Magazine beginning in 1942, Foundation offers a complex saga about humans who are scattered on planets throughout the galaxy, living under the rule of the Galactic Empire. A psycho-historian, who can scientifically read the future, sees an imminent empire collapse, and sets to work preparing to save the knowledge of mankind.

The books originally formed a trilogy (which also includes Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation), but Asimov wound up completing seven Foundation books before his passing in 1992.

Among the various iterations of Foundation that have been planned over the years include a defunct feature film version from Roland Emmerich and, most recently, an alternate small screen version that Westworld‘s Jonathan Nolan was developing for HBO and Warner Bros. Television.

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