Demimonde: J.J. Abrams Drama Series Picked Up by HBO


HBO picks up J.J. Abrams drama series Demimonde

HBO picks up J.J. Abrams drama series Demimonde

HBO has ordered a new J.J. Abrams TV series entitled Demimonde, according to THR. The cable network won a bidding war with Apple for the series. Demimonde marks the first TV series written by Abrams since 2008’s Fringe. Other series that Abrams created or co-created include FelicityLost and Alias. He is currently executive producing HBO’s Westworld.

Demimonde is described as a series about a scientist mom, her husband and daughter who are in a car crash, leaving her in a coma. Her daughter, after going through her experiments, ends up transporting to another world and battling “a monstrous, oppressive force.” Her father ends up in the world with her. HBO is reportedly describing the series as “an epic and intimate sci-fi fantasy drama.” Demimonde does not have an episode count yet, and was shopped around as a spec script.

In addition to Demimonde, Abrams will write and direct Star Wars: Episode IX. He’s also currently executive producing RoadiesPerson of Interest and the Stephen King series Castle Rock.

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