Downton Abbey Season 6 to Lead Into Movie


Downton Abbey Season 6 to Lead Into Movie

Downton Abbey Season 6 to lead into movie

It’s been over a year since Downton Abbey‘s last season came to its conclusion. All of the show’s story lines came to a tidy end and it reached what the Dowager Countess called a “happy enough” conclusion. But, what happened to the residents of Downton Abbey after the final episode? We’ll soon find out. Downton Abbey Season 6 will lead into a movie, planned to start filming soon.


Downton Abbey’s last season saw a lot of changes, with fresh beginnings for several of the characters. Lady Mary found a second great love in Henry Talbot and has a new baby on the way. Henry and Tom opened up a car shop. Carson and Mrs. Hughes got married. Anna and Mr. Bates welcomed a baby boy.

Lady Edith boldly moved to London to work and raise her daughter on her own. Lady Mary, perhaps in an act of apology, managed to reunite Edith and former fiancé Bertie. Downton Abbey Season 6 concluded with the happy wedding of Edith and Bertie, with the family and the servants happily looking on. Robert and Cora, strong in their marriage, enjoyed the happiness of their daughters and grandchildren.

It wasn’t all happiness in Downton Abbey’s last season, though. Mr. Carson was forced to resign as butler due to worsening health. Former troublemaker Thomas Barrow returned to take his place. Before this happy ending for Thomas, he attempted suicide.

The Dowager Countess, queen of the wry quip, took great delight in reading the advice column written by her butler Spratt. She also offered some stern counsel to Lady Mary, something that may have spurned Mary to take the first step in healing the rift with sister Edith.


Many of the plot lines wrapped up neatly in Downton Abbey’s last season, but it’s hard for fans not to imagine where the story might go next. Will everything stay happy for Edith, Mary, Anna, Mr. Bates, and all the rest? How will Carson handle the worsening of his illness? Will Thomas thrive in his new role? The movie may answer these questions.

The finale of Downton Abbey took place in 1925, so it’s anticipated that the movie will follow the characters in the years after. This would likely include the Wall Street financial crash of 1929 and the lead up to World War II.

It’s not yet known which cast members will commit to the film, though many of the actors have expressed great interest in the project. Phyllis Logan, the actress who played Mrs. Hughes, told Good Morning Britain that “the will is definitely there with everybody involved.”

The Downton Abbey movie is expected to start production in 2018.

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