The Russo Brothers Team with Fargo and The Walking Dead Creators for FX Series


The Russo Brothers Team with Fargo and The Walking Dead Creators for FX Series

Russo Brothers team with Fargo and The Walking Dead creators for FX series

Variety reports that a veritable dream team of creators are getting together over at FX with Fargo and Legion‘s Noah Hawley, The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman, and Joe and Anthony Russo of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War all teaming together for a new series.

The show is currently titled The Mastermind and is based on the investigative stories of Atavist Magazine co-founder and CEO Evan Ratliff, telling the true story of Paul Le Roux, a computer programmer and criminal cartel boss who became a DEA informant. You can actually read the entire story yourself by clicking here.

The outlet reports that The Russo Brothers will direct the entire series, which if Hawley’s past work for the network is any indicator, may be in the range of eight to ten episodes. This news comes just hours after the Russos revealed that production has wrapped on Avengers: Infinity War with the untitled fourth Avengers movie set to pick up very soon. The two films will be released in May 2018 and May 2019, leaving a slight gap in the pair’s schedule for the series.

Hawley, meanwhile, is in preparations for Legion Season 2 at FX, having just concluded Fargo Season 3 for the network and raking up 16 Emmy nominations for the series. Kirkman continues work on The Walking Dead Season 8, Fear the Walking Dead Season 3, and continues to write the bimonthly series it is based on.

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