Chuck Star Zachary Levi Joins the Psych TV Movie


The Psych TV movie has cast Zachary Levi. Are you excited for the Psych TV movie?

Zachary Levi has joined the upcoming Psych TV movie for the USA network

Chuck star Zachary Levi has joined the upcoming Psych TV movie for USA Network. We learned this today from a video tweeted out by star Dulé Hill with himself and co-star James Roday. In the telefilm, Levi will be playing a villain called the Thin White Duke who is described as, “ruthless, mysterious, and dashing villain of the highest order.” He’s sporting the character look for Psych: The Movie in the video in the tweet below.

Psych: The Movie will be a two-hour affair and will premiere on the network in December of this year. Fans of both shows will get a kick out of the video, which features Roday holding up a pineapple and asking, “What’s that?” Levi, who is blond for the role replies, “I believe that’s a pineapple. Isn’t that right Chucksters?” In Psych, there was a pineapple somewhere in every scene. In Chuck, it was a codeword when there was an emergency.

The official Psych TV movie synopsis reads as follows:

“The ambitious friends — along with some returning fan-favorite characters — come together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own. A comedic thrill ride follows, as the wild and unpredictable Psych team pursues the bad guys, justice …and food!”

The Psych series was created by Steve Franks and ran on the USA Network for eight seasons from 2006-2014. Fans of the show call themselves Psych-Os.

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