Bestselling Alex Rider Books to Become a TV Series


Bestselling Alex Rider Books to Become a TV Series

The bestselling novels about teen spy Alex Rider is set to become a TV series

The bestselling Alex Rider book series by British author Anthony Horowitz is about to be turned into a TV series, according to Variety. The series is being developed for ITV with producer Eleventh Hour Films. Guy Burt (The Borgias) is set to work on the script. The Alex Rider series is up to book 11, “Never Say Die,” which was recently released. The series began back in 2000 and has sold 16 million English-language edition books.

According to the site, the series will be adapted for an older audience. Horowitz said that screenwriter Burt “is cleverly expanding the characters whilst staying true to the spirit of the original novels to ensure that the series will appeal to both loyal fans and a new generation of viewers.”

The series is about a teenage super spy named Alex Rider and is aimed at teenage boys. The series also includes five graphic novels, three short stories and supplementary books. The first book, “Stormbreaker,” was adapted into the film Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker in 2006 starring Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike). It’s the story of Alex who is recruited by MI6 after learning secrets about his uncle’s life. He’s sent to complete his uncle’s mission and investigate the new computer Stormbreaker. The story was also turned into a video game in 2006.

In addition to the Alex Rider novels, Horowitz has also penned the young adult series “The Diamond Brothers” and “The Power of Five.” His adult novels include “Mindgame” and two Sherlock Holmes novels “The House of Silk” and “Moriarty.”

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