Brie Larson to Play First Female Presidential Candidate in Victoria Woodhull


Brie Larson to Play First Female Presidential Candidate in Victoria Woodhull

Brie Larson will play the first female Presidential candidate in the Amazon film Victoria Woodhull

Academy Award winner Brie Larson is set to play the first female candidate for the White House in the upcoming Amazon Studios film Victoria Woodhull, according to Deadline. Woodhull (1838-1927) was an American leader of the woman’s suffragette movement. She ran for President 1872 (though some argue about the legality of her run, as she was younger than the required age of 35), becoming the first woman to run for that office. Women wouldn’t get the right to vote for another 40 years.

Amazon has acquired the rights to the film, and Larson is also set to produce. Ben Kopit (Libertine) will write the script. Lloyd Braun and Andrew Mittman will also produce for Whalerock Industries. Anne Woodward is executive producer and Whalerock’s John-Eric Capps is co-producer.

Woodhull was known as an activist for women’s rights, labor reform and free love without government interference. Her father taught Woodhull and her sisters to pretend to channel spirits for money. She and her sister Tennessee Claflin became the first women to operate a brokerage firm on Wall Street. Her candidacy was big news at the time, as was her arrest on obscenity charges a few days before the election.

Larson won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the 2015 film Room, in which she stars as a woman who has been held captive for seven years. She’s currently starring in the film Kong: Skull Island. She’ll appear as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in Avengers: Infinity War when it’s released on May 4, 2018. She’ll also star in the solo Captain Marvel film on March 8, 2019, becoming the first woman to headline a film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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