Girl Meets World Could Possibly Continue


Girl Meets World Could Possibly Continue

Girl Meets World could possibly continue

Disney Channel canceled Girl Meets World after three seasons on January 4th, but according to the show’s co-creator, we may not have seen the last of Riley & co. Showrunner Michael Jacobs told TheWrap:

“We are certainly having discussions, there are some interested platforms. I don’t think ‘Girl should have been canceled. We signed to do four seasons. I thought we would be able to tell stories through four seasons. That’s the way we set it up. It was going to be a remarkable final year. But I understand, things end.”

The site clarifies that Disney Channel contracted the show through Season 3 and had an option for a fourth season, which they did not pick up.

How long does Jacobs expect the talks with other interested parties to last? “I don’t think this thing can go on three or four months without a decision. I think it will be sooner rather than later.”

He also added that he thinks the whole cast would be back, but that a cancelation does, of course, free up everyone. “I believe everyone will be on board. But I have to say, there are practicalities to this. When something is canceled, that basically releases everyone to make their own decisions. But I think the experience of this particular show was such a good experience for this cast and this crew that — I can’t speak for everyone — but I think the inclination would be to stay together if we could.”

If another network or streaming service does pick up Girl Meets World, does he think it will still just be one more season? “No. I don’t think there’s anybody out there that wants to buy the last season of anything. If you look at TV shows that have left one network and gone to another, you realize that there’s another venue that looks at something and says this is a mistake that this is done, let’s continue it. Hopefully it’s open ended. Hopefully we tell stories that are so interesting that there is reason for a good amount of sustenance. So no, we would not be trying to compose a last season of anything, we would be trying to compose a next season.”

The Disney Channel series finale will air on Friday, January 30. In the episode, “Girl Meets Goodbye,” the Matthews family contemplates a life-changing decision.

Girl Meets World was created by Jacobs and April Kelly and is executive-produced by Jacobs. It stars Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, August Maturo, Peyton Meyer and Corey Fogelmanis.

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