Mitchell and Lost Producers on Juliet’s Fate


Elizabeth Mitchell, who stars in ABC’s November 3 reboot of 1980’s miniseries “V,” and “Lost” producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse talked to Entertainment Weekly about the fate of Juliet. The interview is one big spoiler if you’re not caught up on the show, but there is some good news for Juliet fans as well. Lindelof and Cuse confirmed that Mitchell is scheduled to appear in multiple episodes the final season.

“There’s still something very significant that we have not yet learned about the character,” hints Cuse.

Lindelof added that “Juliet basically birthed season 6 by the actions that she takes in the final seconds of season 5. She is completely responsible for the end game of the show. So the character is going to be seen in a slightly different light this year. We gave her that action for a reason, and that’s because she’s so important to the fabric of the story.”

You can read the full interview here!