Neveldine and Taylor to Go Berserk for Zeroes

“Crank” series and Gamer writers/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have set up a one-hour project at NBC titled “Zeroes,” which is described as a high-intensity drama chronicling the last hour of a crisis situation.

Taylor told Variety that the idea is to do “a crisis show that doesn’t bore you with all of the buildup leading to the crisis. We want to drop right into it and sustain the absolute most berserk state of crisis, when all of the options have been exhausted. We want to take that last 60 minutes and sustain it for the entire show.”

“Zeroes” refers to a fictional team of guys called in as a last resort who are “absolutely ruthless” in their use of force.

Neveldine and Taylor are writing the script. The two also are on board to direct the potential pilot.

The duo most recently wrote the script for Jonah Hex, the upcoming comic book adaptation starring Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Megan Fox.


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