V is Returning to TV!


ABC is developing a new adaptation of “V,” the 1980s miniseries about alien lizards visiting Earth, reports Variety.

“V” spawned a second miniseries and TV spin-off — written by “The 4400” co-creator/executive producer Scott Peters.

Warner Bros. TV, which was behind the original, is once again producing the project, which was sold as a spec script to ABC.

Peters is set to executive produce, along with HDFilms principal Jace Hall.

The new “V” will center on Erica Evans, a Homeland Security agent with an aimless son who’s got problems. When the aliens arrive, her son gloms on to them — causing tension within the family. As in the original “V,” several storylines will unfold simultaneously.

As in the ’80s version, the show will open with an enormous army of spaceships hovering over the world’s major cities. The visitors say they’ve come to help Earth, but their motives are nefarious.