Sons of Anarchy Spin-Off in Development at FX


Sons of Anarchy Spin-Off in Development at FX.

Sons of Anarchy spin-off will focus on a different motorcycle club

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is developing another new series for FX where he will return to the world of outlaw motorcycle gangs. Though the details on the Sons of Anarchy spin-off series are slim, the new series will focus on the rivals-turned-business partners to the Sons, the Mayans.

“The Mayan Project is very much in the infancy stages. I will be co-creating with another writer who will run the show if it moves forward,” Sutter wrote on Twitter. “Although the Mayan Project may intersect with SOA charters, it will be a very different show. Tone, pace, storytelling, will be unique. Mayan Project won’t take place in NoCal. That steps on SOA mythology. Although I’d love to find a way to use my brother, Emilio Rivera.”

Rivera played Marcus Alvarez, the president of the Oakland chapter of the Mayans in the series, appearing in over 30 episodes across the 7-season run.

Sutter previously expressed interest in a limited prequel series to Sons of Anarchy focusing on the “First 9” that formed the club in the 1960s, though it’s unclear if that project will move forward. Currently, Sutter is executive producing his new FX series The Bastard Executioner, which will premiere on FX September 15.

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