Training Day TV Series Comes to CBS

Training Day TV Series Comes to CBS

Training Day TV series is getting a pilot order from CBS

King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on CBS! Yes, it seems the network is riding that 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo to the South Central section of Remake City as The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the 2001 hit film Training Day is getting a small screen series pilot order from the network.

The potential series will carry a certain air of authenticity thanks to original director Antoine Fuqua (Southpaw, Olympus Has Fallen) coming back to helm the big budget pilot using his magic eye, with feature writer and former LAPD detective Will Beall (Gangster Squad) providing the script. More feature film power comes in the form of mega producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Bad Boys, Pirates of the Caribbean) who will executive produce alongside Jonathan Littman (the “CSI” franchise), Fuqua and Beall for Warner Bros. and Fuqua Films. Bruckheimer previously produced Fuqua’s 2004 adaptation of King Arthur.

While the original featured Denzel Washington’s Academy Award-winning turn as a corrupt cop guiding a straight-arrow rookie played by Ethan Hawke, that reflected the Rampart scandal of the time while the new show will be firmly set in the Police Department of 2015 Los Angeles.


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