Early Rush Hour TV Show Details Revealed


Among a number of other big screen films making the transition to television is a new hourlong take on Brett Ratner’s Rush Hour franchise. Set to hit CBS in the not too distant future, “Rush Hour” is being developed by Warner Bros. Television with Bill Lawrence scripting alongside Blake McCormick. Today, Lawrence spoke with NuketheFridge and revealed a few key details about the show.

As revealed last yearthe pilot episode will re-tell the story behind the 1998 film, which stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Once again, the the story will pair a loudmouthed LAPD officer with a more reserved representative of the Hong Kong police, who Lawrence now confirms will be the same Detectives Lee and Carter.

“New plot, same characters,” he told the outlet. “A little younger, a little different, fish out of water. It’s a cool script. I’m psyched about it.”

When asked if he’s looking into casting an actor with martial arts experience, Lawrence revealed that it was not necessarily a requirement.

“The character will be a martial artist,” he said, “but you know how TV works. I’m going to go with the best actor and then I’ll make anything work.”

Lawrence is best known as the creator of “Scrubs” and “Cougar Town” (the latter co-created by Kevin Biegel) and also has co-creator credits on “Spin City,” “Clone High” and the currently-airing “Ground Floor.” He also serves as executive producer on NBC’s “Undateable” and will do the same on “Rush Hour” alongside Arthur Sarkissian and the big screen trilogy’s helmer, Brett Ratner.